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Compensation Summary

80/20 commission split​...

BBRE Keeps 20% of your annual commission income up to $20,000 of the $100,000 gross commission income.

Ex. 1​

If you make $100,000 in commission income
BBRE keeps $20,000​
You take home $80,000​

Ex. 2​

You make $300,000 in commissions ​
BBRE split is $20,000
You take home $280,000​

*BBRE Split is never more than $20k​ per year
**If you meet your MACS, and you sponsor an agent, when that agent meets his/her MACS (caps out paying BBRE $20,000) you will receive $5000 earnings for yourself out of the $20,000 they pay BBRE.  Additional revenue share further down your downline.
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